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"Stand Up"

My mama and I were discussing a while ago about my aunt who is now diagnosed of her cancer. I suddenly felt that uneasy and sad feeling. We all thought that she was getting better.

Still, we are praying that she gets well. Not losing our faith in God. We all know that God has a plan for everything.

I suddenly recalled the time when Matt, one of my friends in high school, got leukemia. It really shocked me and my batchmates. He died at a very young age. But despite his short stay with us, he has touched a lot of hearts. We named him as our batch’s “Giant in Heaven” and we will forever remember him together with Lheriecel (who died also of sickness at the same year) whom we named as our “Angel”

I also remembered my very loving aunt, Auntie Nora, whom we call in the clan “Mama Uwang” who also died of cancer (Colon Cancer). Mama even told me that when she was diagnosed with it, she wasn’t even told that she had cancer. It was just a while ago that I knew about it. Mama also mentioned that Mama Uwang was also hopeful of getting well. I became teary eyed. I miss Mama Uwang so much.

My Lola at my father’s side also died of the Cancer of the Uterus. My dad lost lola when he was only a teenager. I didn’t even get to meet her. They had to strive hard with my Lolo.

A few of my parent’s friends are also presently diagnosed with Cancer. Two have already died because of Cancer.

One of my mother’s cousin is diagnosed also with this sickness. One have died already of it.

Cancer. I really feel so sad about the thought of it and how it affects a lot of people and relationships. I feel so down thinking about how it also hurt a lot of people. I have known a lot of people who have lost their loved ones because of cancer. It’s sad thinking that there are also a lot suffering from it presently not knowing if they’d still get well. Some have already let go and are getting ready to say goodbye.

Cancer. A word that is really BIG for me. I always get affected by it. I told my boyfriend one day, when I become a professional I want to make sure that I’d be able to help in foundations for Cancer and to help in the development for the cure of this sickness.

Then it suddenly hit me! Is this what is in line for me? Does God want me to live up to this purpose?

I remember my aunt suggesting to me to take up Masters in Medical Physics in UST after passing the board exam of Mechanical Engineers. She also opened it up to my mama during the first months of my review. I got quite caught up with it. So one day while surfing the internet, I tried to search about it. Then I found an article talking about it.

Here are a few parts coming from the article:

“In medical physics, we work with radiation devices and we learn about the different types of radiation such as the alpha, gamma, beta, and ultraviolet rays, including laser, and infrared. We measure and quantify them, and study their behavior upon interaction with human matter. We also determine their safe levels and detrimental effects to people,” Peralta said.
Pointing out the benefits of medical physics, Peralta said that the field is useful in establishing radiation oncology departments for hospitals. “This department uses radiation to treat cancer patients through the use of x-rays, fluoroscopy, ultrasounds, electrocardiography, and nuclear medicine which uses the nuclear properties of matter in diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancers.” Alena Pias P. Bantolo and Francis James B. Gatdula
source: http://www.varsitarian.net/sci_tech/ust_pioneers_medical_physics_education

It wasn’t ‘til this night that I realized, maybe God is talking to me? Is this what he wants for me? Must I take this Masters? But I have a lot of other plans for myself?

I was actually thinking about applying in an automotive-related company after passing the board exam to be able to get some background regarding the field so that I’d be able to open up a one stop automotive shop in the future and make it as my full time business in order to have more time for my family and myself.

But then if God really wants me to pursue Medical Physics to be able to help in the curing of Cancer or other sicknesses related to this field, so be it. God will lead me to the right path. Maybe he’d give me the ability to do both?

I will pass the board exam to be an engineer and contribute to the curing of Cancer!! To God be the Glory!!

Posted on September/9/2011
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  1. r0xannej0y said: may you find enlightenment patchi… :)) all for the Lord’s grace… and oh btw, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer & undergone chemotherapy, and still praying that it wont come back anytime soon, scared the hell all of us. Kaya mo yan friend :)
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